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Oct 13, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. in the caribbean, the u.s. was trying to bring out soviet submarines. what they did not know was the submarines were armed with nuclear weapons. on cuba itself, the soviets were moving warheads to the missile site and targeting the u.s. naval base on guantanamo bay. >> under the agreement of october 28, the soviets agreed to remove their medium and intermediate-range missiles from the base in cuba. americans insisted on strict monitoring verification from the air to ensure they kept on schedule. in a total failure of intelligence, u.s. commanders were blind to the existence of over 100 soviet technical weapons. meanwhile on the ground in cuba, fidel castro began to see some cooperation with moscow. >> castro is very angry at the soviet patrol. cubans feel betrayed. for them, it was like the soviet government made one concession after another to the americans and never consulted their own cuban allies. >> -christoph -- nikita khrushchev immediately dispatched his most trusted, the deputy premier, to havana. >> he was sent to to vote with the goal of healing the wounds and to influence castro. ca
Oct 20, 2012 7:00pm EDT
piece of graffiti. >> when you were the daughter of a former president of the u.s. and your mother is secretary of state for president obama, there is inevitable pressure to follow in the family business. chelsea clinton is navigating her way into a career and possibly a political future quite candidly, putting her own stamp on a new initiative and africa. she has been in the capital of nigeria, and my colleague spoke to her earlier this week from there. >> can you give me some details about the initiative that you are launching? >> i am here as part of the initiative work with the ministry of health in nigeria. it is actually the government of nigeria today, led by president good luck jonathan, it launched a save 1 million lives initiatives, whereby nigeria aims to save 1 million mother and child lives by 2015. currently, there are about a million preventable maternal and child deaths every year in nigeria. the vast majority of them are children who perished from diarrhea, malaria, h.i.v.-aids, so we are working with the ministry of health on scaling up the world health organizati
Oct 27, 2012 7:00pm EDT
don't have any shame. i'm proud of having been in a u.s. federal prison and survived as well as i did. i had no problems whatsoever, not in t regime and not amongst the fellow residents. let me tell you something -- i am proud of having gone through the terribly difficu process of being falsely charged, falsely convicted and ultimately almost completely h mind, becoming irrational, ceasing to be a penitant and reasonable person and actually being able to endure discussion like this without getting up and smashing your face in, which is what most people would do who have been through what i've been through. >> well, you can go ahead. >> no, i don't believe in violen. >> do you expect to be able to retain your seat in the house of lords as well? >> well, >> because you're a convicted criminal. >> first of all, there is not a prohibition on a convicted criminal sitting in that house. >> but you don't really believe that a man who's done time in prison should be able to frame the laws of a do you? >> sure. >> you do believe that. >> indeed, if he's either -- if ere's a question about his
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)